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June 3rd, 2010 by Kaitlin Thaney

The past few weeks have been exceptionally busy here at Science Commons, and there’s quite a bit to report on. Here’s a digest of some of the biggest news over the past few months …

Video from the first ever Sage Commons Congress is now available for viewing and download on the Sage Web site. The speakers range from network thinkers and biologists, to tools builders, disease research foundations who champion Open Access, to those looking to cure their own disease. I highly encourage you to check out these high power talks when you get a chance.

Also, check out Wilbanks’ latest article in The Scientist following the Sage Commons Congress. Hot off the presses.

SC’s own Jonathan Rees explores the genre of “data paper”. For those of you interested in data publication and persistence, download the working paper from our Reading Room and help us continue the discussion.

Science Commons is moving west. Wilbanks writes about the why, the progress to date, and what to look forward to.

Public comment period for our patent tools is still open. We invite you to join the discussion at our public wiki. There you can read more about the tools – the Research Non-Assertion Pledge and the Public Patent License, catch up on topics of interest and join the discussion list to contribute your thoughts and suggestions.

GlaxoSmithKline recently dedicated more than 13,000 compounds known to be active against malaria to the public domain using CC0 – our public domain waiver. Read more about that incredible contribution here, or visit Wilbanks’ blog on Science Blogs for more history on our open data work here at Creative Commons. It’s a must read.

And finally, Creative Commons recently launched its Catalyst Campaign. Help ignite openness and innovation today. For more information on the campaign and to help us reach our goal, visit

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