Looking towards a ‘Cyberinfrastructure for Knowledge Sharing’

August 21st, 2007 by Kaitlin Thaney

In the latest issue of CTWatch Quarterly, Science Commons’ John Wilbanks joins the ranks in writing about the future of scholarly communication as it relates to cyberinfrastucture. His article “Cyberinfrastructure For Knowledge Sharing” explores the reasons behind the inefficiencies in knowledge sharing, and what role Science Commons’ efforts play in this debate.

The issue, “The Coming Revolution in Scholarly Communication & Cyberinfrastructure” was guest edited by Lee Dirks and Tony Hey of Microsoft Corporation. From the “Introduction”, coauthored by Dirks and Hey:

“In John Wilbanks’ piece, “Cyberinfrastructure for Knowledge Sharing,” we see an intriguing outline of the many painful issues currently faced in achieving true scientific research in our current information environment. The core thesis behind Wilbanks’ article is that “…we aren’t sharing knowledge as efficiently as we could be” — meaning that even though the potential is there, we are not yet realizing the full potential presented to us by cyberinfrastructure. The content is there, the data is there, but the entire system and network is not yet fully “wired” and functioning for optimal efficiency. Indeed, Wilbanks posits, we’re not even close. To address this opportunity space, [Science] Commons was created to overcome hurdles related to (1) access to literature, (2) access to experimental materials, and (3) to encourage data sharing. Wilbanks describes some projects currently underway (e.g., Neurocommons), but also charges the community to address the challenge and make the most of the tools around them to push forward faster.”

Also in this issue are pieces by Clifford Lynch (CNI), Timo Hannay (Nature Publishing Group), Peter Suber, and many others. For a complete list of this issue’s contents, visit CTWatch’s Web site.

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