Charter survey on Semantic Web and life sciences work

September 23rd, 2007 by Kaitlin Thaney

From Alan Ruttenberg, one of our principal scientists at Science Commons, involved in the Neurocommons project:

The W3C has put out a survey aimed at collecting ideas and interests for chartering the next Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences groups, with the possibility being either or both of an interest group and working group formed starting again next year. One of the collaborations between Science Commons and this group was the demo we worked on in conjunction with the Neurocommons.

If you are invested in the future of Semantic Web activities in the life sciences take some time to thoughtfully fill out the survey in the next few days, when the chance for it having an impact is high.

Feel free to pass this on to colleagues who may also be interested or have good ideas. The survey is not constrained to W3C members only.

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