Science Commons’ Rees appointed to the TAG

November 19th, 2007 by Kaitlin Thaney

Sir Tim Berners-Lee of the World Wide Web Consortium has appointed Science Commons’ own Jonathan Rees to the Technical Architecture Group (TAG) of the W3C. The term lasts for two years.

The TAG oversees the technical architecture of the World Wide Web, providing advice to Web standards groups and others in a number of areas, including identifiers, metadata and security.

Rees brings to the TAG nearly 30 years of experience with software systems, with a focus on programming language design and knowledge representation.The TAG’s work is of special interest to Science Commons in its efforts to make the Web work better for science. Issues of importance to our proof-of-concept project – the Neurocommons – include URIs for entities of scientific interest (such as reagents), linking documents via common bibliographic references, and the stability of collaborative knowledge representation efforts.

Congratulations, Jonathan!

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