Tim Hubbard on open science

September 10th, 2008 by dwentworth

Open licensing advocate and Science Commons friend Victoria Stodden is among those live-blogging the Access to Knowledge 3 (A2K3) Conference that’s wrapping up today, and she’s posted notes from a session at which the Sanger Institute’s Tim Hubbard argued for more data sharing in science — provided that the data are published in a way that makes the information (re)useful:

[Hubbard] says that openness in science needs to happen before publication, the traditional time when scientists release their work. But this is a tough problem. Data must be released in such a way that others can understand and use it. This parallels the argument made in the opening remarks about the value of net neutrality as preserving an innovation platform: in order for data to be used it must be open in the sense that it permits further innovation.

Nicely put.

You can check out more notes from the conference via the A2K3 conference blog.

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