SEED coins Wilbanks a ‘Game Changer’ for Science

November 13th, 2008 by Kaitlin Thaney

SEED Magazine has identified John Wilbanks (VP of Science) as a “Game Changer” for science for his work as the head of Science Commons. The piece is part of their “Revolutionary Minds” series, where they profile a chosen few for their advances in a certain area. In the video and accompanying text, John describes the reasoning behind our work and why making the web work for science is important for the world of scientific research.

This segment is dedicated to “Game Changers”, which Emily Anthes of SEED describes as the following:

The ways of science are as well established as those of any human endeavor: observe, hypothesize, predict, test, discard are as good a shorthand for the scientific method as most of us could need. But science is more than that; it’s a human endeavor, with all the accompanying frailties and faculties. Competition, legal difficulties, information overload, a lack of money, and public relations problems can impede the progress of science. Fortunately, these minds aren’t willing to settle for the status quo, and instead strive for a better way for science to exist. They are prizing openness over secrecy, access over scarcity, and they are creating a future that will help science fulfill its potential to make all our lives better.

Amen to that. John joins a group of all-stars, from Carl Bergstrom (creator of the Eigenfactor) to Ilaria Capua (a viroligist known for her avian flu research – especially in making the sequence available to the public via GenBank.) Congratulations to all featured!

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