Expand open access to scholarly literature

Over the last few decades, the cost of periodicals and other serial publications has soared. This has stretched library budgets to the breaking point, forcing many libraries to drop subscriptions or reduce their selection. At the same time, keeping the scholarly literature behind behind subscription walls  — typically under restrictive licenses — sharply limits its usefulness for the research community.

Science Commons supports new approaches to scholarly publishing and works to expand open access (OA) to the literature. We offer resources you can use to:

Promote open access at your institution — Libraries are a core constituency in furthering open access. We develop resources to help you promote and implement open access policies, including Open Doors and Open Minds [PDF], a “how-to” guide for OA advocates, published in collaboration with the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).

Help scholars retain the rights to share their work — The foundation for open access is author’s rights. To help scholars who wish to share their work while retaining copyright, Science Commons created the Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine. The simple interface provides a point-and-click way for authors to choose from among popular addenda to keep a spectrum of rights that would otherwise transfer to the publisher. We encourage you to host the Addendum Engine on your website and offer it as a resource to the community.

In addition to providing these tools, Science Commons promotes open access to legal scholarship and has developed a protocol to enable the global research community to pool and share data created under different legal regimes.

If you’d like to host the Addendum Engine at your institution, or if you have questions about our other open access efforts, we invite you to contact us.