Science Commons was re-integrated with Creative Commons. This content is no longer maintained and remains only for reference.

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copyright law and the Web

Copyright law allows for "all rights reserved" the minute a document is created - whether a song, a Web page, a picture - until the end of the author's life plus 70 years. On the Web that is a very long time. Seventy years ago,Life magazine was launched. In science it's even more dramatic; 70 years ago, we didn't know that DNA stored genetic informantion.

Science Commons is overseen by members of the Creative Commons board, including MIT computer science professor Hal Abelson; intellectual property experts James Boyle, Michael Carroll and Lawrence Lessig; and lawyer and documentary filmmaker Eric Saltzman. Bioinformatics entrepeneur and metadata expert John Wilbanks is Vice President.

We are guided in our work by a remarkable Scientific Advisory Board, including 2002 Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston; the late Joshua Lederberg (1958 Nobel Laureate); renowned genomics and bioinformatics scientist Michael Eisen; prominent economist Paul David; and the distinguished patent law and biotech scholar, Arti Rai.

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