Blog archive for March, 2006

Signing The Berlin Declaration

March 31st, 2006 by John Wilbanks

I’m in Golm, Germany at the Berlin 4 Conference on Open Access. It’s been a wonderful week here and the movement behind open access is really remarkable.

I signed the Berlin Declaration on behalf of Science Commons yesterday. It’s an important step in connecting the philosophy of a statement like the Declaration with the practice of the Creative Commons coyright licenses that implement Open Access philosophy in a free, legal manner. To be clear, Science Commons is not engaged in writing new copyright licenses: Creative Commons licenses already implement the Declaration, are already international, and are used by a large number of Open Access journals.

There are too few signatories to the Declaration in North America. We’ll be encouraging our partners in the Neurocommons project and other work to examine the Declaration and sign up for the scientific benefits of Open Access to their institutions and their own research.

New Project Information

March 30th, 2006 by John Wilbanks

We’ve published new information on our Materials Transfer project and the Neurocommons project.

SXSW Open Science

March 14th, 2006 by John Wilbanks

I was fortunate enough to host a panel at SXSW Interactive this morning in Austin, TX. Panelists were Susy Struble (Sun Microsystetms, office of the CTO), Barbara Cohen (Senior Editor, Public Library of Science), Antoun Nabhan (Principal, Sagamore Bioventures) and Sri Kosuri (PhD Candidate, MIT Biological Engineering).

We had a spirited conversation about biological engineering, open publishing and the role that technology standardization can play in fostering open science. I’m hopeful that it’s just the beginning of the conversation at SXSW about open science, and that this topic doesn’t remain one that only scientists care about. It’s time to take this out to the streets, so to speak…